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Handrails are used in ships & buildings, which application to give an indication of direction to persons who are in the ships or buildings. Handrails are designed with an indentation or structure with a direction-orientated pattern in the hand-rail's longitudinal direction. By following this direction orientation, it will be possible to find the way to exits or specific locations.

Hand-rails are in general use in most places where people are moving around and their main purpose is as a support to hold on to, or as a screen to keep people away from a particular area, or to protect wall sections etc.

The main object of the present invention is to give the hand-rail the additional function of enabling it to help people to find the way in buildings, on ships, etc. In particular the object is to design a hand-rail capable of providing information concerning the correct escape route to an exit in emergency situations.
Ship staircase is a stairway equipped with treads and stair rails with a slope greater than 50 degree from the horizontal.

It is sometimes referred to as a ships ladder.